Wednesday, December 10, 2008

top ten design inspirations

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial: The grace of the arch and the connection of east and west is what makes this piece on my top ten.
Klismos Chair: This object is simple yet graceful, the curved legs and rounded back makes this chair ergonomic.
Sydney Opera House: The reptition of the shells on the roof makes this building admirable and inspiring.
Beachcomber Island, Fiji: This place is the most relaxing and scenic place in the world.
Trevi Fountain, Rome: The grace of the water fountains and the location of the building links me to my heritage.
Glasgow School of Art: The innovative design and and eclectic feel makes this space on my top ten.
Amiens Cathedral: The massive scale this building creates, the details and the vaulted ceilings makes this space an inspiration.
Reliance Building: This building has an intricate facade which establishes hierarchy and makes this skyscraper unlike any other.
Union Terminal: The art deco style and history of this building makes this an influential design.
Statue of Liberty: This object makes my top ten to represent my country and my appreciation of my freedom.

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