Monday, December 1, 2008

From Mansions to Lofts

The Sheraton Tilt-top table was originally placed in the Nichols House which is now a museum located in Boston. I choose to move the location of the table in order to use it to it’s full potential. The table's ability to transform from a functional table to being flipped up and stored out of the way allows it to save space and to be flexible for many places. Thus, an appropriate place for the table would be in small city lofts and apartments. This would be good because the table can transform allowing for more usable space. Since space in any city is not easy to come by and always needs to be used as efficiently as possible, the table would be a perfect match. New York City in particular would be a great marketplace for the table since there are so many small lofts and apartments, and people are always trying to save space. People often try to design their lofts with unique prices of furniture and artwork and the Tilt-top table could be that piece. It is not a table that is seen in the average family home, so it would be a great way to get the table into the public eye.

My place is similar to Brittany Dasso's. She had a Murphy Bed that flips up off the floor into the wall creating more open space in the room. She also choose to put her artifact in New York City.

Jennifer's Russian Day bed is in a very different place from a New York City loft. Her bed is placed in Surgut, Russia in a small country home.

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