Monday, December 1, 2008

Surgut, Russia

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The Russian Day-Bed was designed in the mid 16th Century. It is completely made out of wood and was designed during the arts and crafts movement. It would most likely be placed in a bedroom or a a nursing baby’s room.
This particular daybed was place in a young infants room so that the mother could stay, if she did not want to walk back in the middle of the night, in the room with the child after feeding or changing diapers, and if the child were sick the parent could sleep in the room with him or her if they felt the need to.
Surgut, Russia was founded in the late 16th Century. Located on the outskirts of Surgut, in the country, is a small country home with the Russian day-bed inside. The home is located near the mountains and in the winter becomes snow covered for most of the season. The house does not do very well with keeping warm it takes up a lot of energy. The summer season is very short in this region but still a beautiful time of the year.

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