Monday, December 1, 2008

place for Rookwood Vase

The Rookwood vase is found in a modern home in Pittsboro, NC. The owners have chosen to move to Pittsboro for several reasons. Pittsboro is a small town in Chatham County with a population of 2525. It has a small town feel while being close to Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham. There is a rich pottery history and active current potters like Mark Hewitt and the Seagrove Potters in the surrounding area. Rookwood Pottery, prized and collected for its quality, would be appreciated in an area like this where pottery is valued. Pittsboro has also received national attention in recent years for being the site of the first Dwell prefab Home. In this area, one can enjoy a private plot of land while being close to the conveniences and universities of the triangle cities.
Pittsboro is similar to Asheville in that they both share a strong craft tradition and the characters of these cities or towns are strongly informed by the universities that they contain or that are nearby.

Pittsboro is dissimilar to a city like New York that is associated more with a history of industry and dense urban population.

Laura Snoderly


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