Monday, April 25, 2011

blog post for friday, 29 april 2011

how does design influence you? taking the cue from patrick's top 10 presentation, select an object, a space, a building, and a place and write/visualize about them on your blog. you should carefully include four images and about 250 words of text to complete this entry.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not History, But the Future

All semester we have focused on the principles of design as they relate to history, to the ideas of great minds of a different time, but this class hardly immerses in the cultivation of 'modern' architecture in the here and now of this generation. So as a close to this semester, I would like to consolidate the works of modern architects who I admire and inspire my work. Most of these architects and designers I have used as precedent studies for studio projects and I hope they will be of inspiration to you all as you continue your work in 2nd year and conceptual ideas become evermore a part of your process.

#1 Zaha Hadid

Hotel Puerta America (1st Level)


#2 Frank Gehry

Dancing House

Fish Dance Restaurant

#3 Rem Koolhas

Villa Bordeaux

Utrech University

#4 Renzo Piano

Lingotto Factory

California Academy of Sciences

#5 Matali Krasset

Cafe Yelo

Hi Hotel

#6 Peter Zumthor

St Benedict Chapel

Thermal Vals Spa

#7 Toyo Ito

Torres Porta Fira

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

#8 Tadao Ando

Contemporary Museum of Art - Forthworth, Texas

#10 Santiago Calatrava

Oriente Station - Lisbon, Portugal

Zurich Law Library

#11 Marcel Wanders

Mondrian South Beach Hotel

Mondrian South Beach Hotel

Villa Moda

Villa Moda

#12 Karim Rashid

Kurve Restaurant

Kit 24 House

#13 Phillipe Starck

Saint Martins Lane Hotel

Sanderson Hotel

These are but a few of the many architects, interior designers, and product designers out there but I selected them because they offer a diverse range of the possibilities in design and the conceptual ideas orbiting around the world.

Friday, April 15, 2011

blog post topic for monday, 18 april 2011

write about the importance of the legacy of scandinavian modern to design today. use a specific object, space, building, or place to center your argument.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The World's A Fair - A video response to the World's fairs

A brief look at five world's fairs, thinking about the ideas of Object, Place, Building, and Space.  Compiled by:  Ashley Bennett, Shirley Bircher, Holy Burda, Anna Lance, Jack Kennedy, Laura Kimmel, Alex Pokas, Kristy Stroud, Matt Weikert, and Sarah Wisseman.

Monday, April 11, 2011

monticello + fallingwater sketches

having joined first year students and several others on a trip to monticello + fallingwater, here are a few quick experiential sketch grids...

standing still...

Bill Dan is a balanced rock sculptor who crafts art by stacking stone. Looking at different components and which pieces will work together, this artist strategically balances stone to create one fluid composition. Creating almost impossible sculptures, Bill Dan focuses on shape, form, and balance. Does this speak to the architecture and design world as well?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here is some restoration interests

This is the Dr. Kheelan house (not sure on the spelling) in Old Salem. This house is being restored by Something I noticed in the house was the room seperation in the basement.

This is the "refrigerator room". There is a spring fed spout in the wall which would pour water into the bin. The overflow tubing holds the water's height. The workers would keep parishables like milk and cut wrapped meats in the bin to keep them cool. This one room was set under the kitchen below the ground level in order to keep the temperature as cool as possible. These are modern advancements and the search for an easier energy source. This can be compared to the Green movement in the present time as we revert back to the search for easier renewable energy. Our personal energy revival?

Here is some Baroque iron door hardware. This is the door to the refrigerator room.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


This seems to me to be the appropriate response to patio furntiure. Instead of cutting wood and molding it into form, grow the tree and mold its shape. Sustainability becomes nature, and nature is the "root" of history.

Friday, April 8, 2011

blog post for 11 april 2011

select an object, space, building, or place and SPECULATE why the selected artifact represents "good design for all"

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sea of Tide Ties

The other day I ventured to the amazing furniture market in downtown High Point! As I walked through the show rooms I sketched conceptual couches + chair backs, photographed textiles and fell in love with pillows. In the final room that I viewed that day my heart was swept away by a tide of ties!
I was not only blown away at the creativity but I was green with envy for not thinking of it first! 
I found that the brilliance behind the design is by a company called 
Dream Weavers
Of course I had to share this with you all because it is absolutely inspiring and we all know how our Patrick adores bow ties.