Monday, December 1, 2008

Philadelphia: city of brotherly love, and my home

My house is located in Philadelphia, PA. It sits on fayette st. which runs straight to the Schuylkill river. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the sixth most populated in the United states. The name Philadelphia is Greek for “the city of brotherly love’ which is the cities nickname. However if you have ever attended an eagles, or phillies, game you could beg to differ. One thing I’ve learned from being from this wonderful city, is to avoid sporting event drunks at all cost. Europeans arrived in the Delaware valley in the 1600’s, and the Dutch, British, and Swedish founded the first settlements. William Penn’s plan for the city was that it would be like an English rural town instead of a city. The cities roads are designed with a grid plan, with rotating one way streets. This was originally designed this way so that the houses and businesses would be spread far apart and surround by gardens and orchards. Philadelphia’s architecture history dates back to colonial times and includes a wide range of styles. Despite the skyscrapers that were put up City hall remained the tallest building in Philadelphia until 1987. Culture and art is a huge success in Philadelphia. Certain districts still exist such as Conshohocken, which is the polish district, and German town, which is the German district. Many residents still carry these backgrounds such as my Nanny P who lives in Conshohocken.
Sight seeing is huge in Philadelphia. South st. is a very populated street during the evenings; it houses many theatres and bars. It also houses the two best and most famous Philly Cheese steak stands, Geno’s and Pat’s. Both sit across the street from ach other and are rivals. The Philadelphia museum of art is one of the largest art museums in the U.S and is most recognized from the movie Rocky. City Hall houses the Liberty bell and is visited by thousands of tourist each week. Philadelphia has not had much luck with sports for quite sometime but by the grace of god the Phillies won the world series this past fall and the DROUGHT IS OVER LET IT RAIN!!!!!

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