Monday, December 1, 2008

Design Hub of the World

Park outfront of Suzannes apartment.

Eiffel Tower outside Suzannes back window

After the hard hand crafting design of the canoe sofa, Eileen Gray’s work had made its way to Suzanne Talbot’s apartment in the heart of Paris. It was the perfect location to house such a unique piece in the fast bustling city of fashion during that time.

While being located in a designer’s apartment, the Canoe Sofa utilized itself well to accommodate the local trends and designers. It also allowed the fashion sensed clients from the city the sense of beauty that made Paris the city it is. It is a city of design and art. Even with the sofa is not up for public display, its word is spread by the higher fashion group of citizens. Paris has housed many unique designs of the century and with the furniture piece being there; it had allowed the Canoe Sofa to become part of its secret gallery of art works.

Compared to London which Eileen had made the Canoe Sofa, Its purpose stands stronger as a work of art in its current location. Although London is a fast bustling city, it remained a main world hub for business in which the sofa would not have merged in with the corporate aspect of the city. While in Paris, which is still the leading city of fashion, it allowed the sofa to merge into the design world surrounding the city. Without the essence of the city the furniture piece would remain an out of place design that no one would understand.

This goes to show that location and design are tied together and every thought must be put into consideration when doing so. Without the two connections the piece of art would remain lost in translation and serve only its functional aspect.

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