Tuesday, April 24, 2012

iar221 in 140 for unit three : explorations

week 11 : the world’s fairs serve as a microcosm of stylistic explorations: anything goes in architecture + design…conversations of style + substance.

week 12 : in the continued search for contemporary design, “good design for all” stands as a major mantra for twentieth-century designers + architects.

week 13 : multiple modernisms take shape throughout the globe; the world can be seen increasingly moving from individual to global economies + scales.

week 14 : reactions to modernism take multiple forms; we end where we began, thinking about the meanings, makers, and users in the practice of design.

final blog post (for 27 apr 12)

taking up the theme of a design autobiography, select an OBJECT, a SPACE, a BUILDING, and a PLACE, each of which encapsulate your own design sensibilities.  for each image you include (and there should be a total of four), provide a substantive annotation that connects the selected artifact to your world.  make explicit connections to your understandings of design as it has unfolded during the course of this semester.

Monday, April 16, 2012

blog post for 16 april 2012

select an object, space, building, or place that you believe to be modern and explain why this might be the case. illustrate your blog post with your selected artifact.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

blog post for 09 apr 2012

in light of our discussion in class this week, select and analyze an object, space, building, or place that embodies the idea of "good design for all."