Monday, December 1, 2008

Place for the Barcalounger

The world has influenced the Barcalounger throughout our history, design movements, and reforms. There are always influences available because we always have the past to retrieve inspiration from. Times throughout our history have triggered further development leading up to the creation of the Barcalounger reclining chair. Chicago seems to be the crossing point where many of the styles and reforms either occurred or originated. Since at this time, the post World War II years, houses were quickly being built the furniture was also in a stage where they too can quickly be built with the right equipment and machinery. From the early times when Greece and Rome were at their high peeks, seating forms were ornamented, elegant, and structurally uncomfortable to sit in. From this point cultural influences helped in the design of seating styles to come. Recently within the past century, developments of different types of industries became relevant. The introduction of the machine and its ability to produce items more complex than anything human hands could create was an important stepping stone. The textile industry also played an important role because the Barcaloungers are all upholstered with a large assortment of textiles. People today would not be able to personalize their purchased chairs if the textile industry was not able to create many different materials that were available in a range of colors and patterns.
The Barcalounger in return has also influenced the world because it has taken the talents of individuals and combined them to create an American treasure. Something as simple as a reclining chair is able to show the world our country’s uniqueness and innovation to create a motion chair that provides support for the ergonomics of people. Even though the appearance looks bland and not original, it still took all of the previous creations, styles, reforms, and ideas to create this 1960’s treasure.

Similarity: Chicago is similar to New York in that it had a lot of great architects come and be the inspiration of design movements and New York also has a large suburban area because a majority of the working people in New York spend three hours every day traveling to and from work.

Difference: Chicago is different from a city like Boston because the hovering style in Boston is more on the historic side because of its American history. The suburbs of Chicago appear to be more repetitive and lacking the unique quality because population numbers led this to happen. The suburbs of Boston are probably more unique in style and more traditional.

Source: Andy's Computer Solution
DJ Doubys

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