Monday, December 1, 2008

A Place for a Sewing Machine

The Isaac Singer sewing machine can be found in one of Australia's oldest and largest antique centre's - the 'Sydney Antique Centre.' "The warehouse, plus cafe, is located just 2.5km from Sydney's CBD", in a thriving and constantly improving area called Surry Hills. This now prominent area, was once an "overcrowded slum, with brothels and notorious gangs." However today it is a different story. Surry Hills is "a colourful and diverse inner-city suburb that is well known for its art galleries, antique dealers, cafes and pubs, and fashion and rag trade outlets." Thus, it is only appropriate that the Sydney Antique Centre be situated here amongst shops selling clothing, vintage, homewares, collectables, bookshops and food. The shop itself has displays arranged in a pleasing manner with convenience for the visitor. The sewing machine is an antique piece from the 1850’s, the first commercially successful sewing machine. It would be a desired antique for its classic design.

In comparison the Rookwood Vase is located in a place where similar objects are appreciated. As is the sewing machine in a place which appreciates antiques, the Rookwood vase is in a modern home in Pittsboro, NC - a town with a rich pottery history.
The Natural Science Center contrasts because it is a place for people to learn about facts/objects and their place in the world. It is a learning space, compared to the Sydney Antique Center which simply appreciates good design.

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