Wednesday, December 10, 2008


  1. Alarm Clocks- I have a fixation with retro clocks and hence the reason why I have so many. They display the perseverance of technological demand, and in turn have far more character.
  2. Music- Specifically movie scores, music is essential in my design process. It allows me to cancel the surrounding noise, and concentrate. Also, ideas complemented with music produce organic, whimsical designs.
  3. The real first art class I toke was a high school ceramics class. It taught me rudimentary design skills, and allowed me to interprate my design in tangible forms.
  4. Aspen, Colorado- Colorado is another world. Its clarity and openness is conducive to design free of unnecessary elements. 
  5. Childhood Backyard- My mom encouraged my sister and I to use outdoors as a playful pastime.
  6. Elise- my sister is a large part of my inspiration. I’ve always looked up to her for her artwork; she is very talented.
  7. Gamble House- The intricacy of the Arts and Crafts Movement is fascinating. The high craft and attention to detail inspires me to push for high-quality technique.
  8. Merchandise Mart- It was seeing this building in Chicago that sparked my interest in sustainable preservation. Merchandise Mart is the largest and oldest Green Building In the United States. It shows that sustainable design does not have to be new design.
  9. Baltimore Aquarium- this building is one of the most memorable buildings I’ve been to. Flowing from one room to the next, way finding goes hand in hand with the exhibit tanks.
  10. Windmill- The Windmill Inn in Wraysbury, England was the first inn I stayed in while outside of the country, lucky for me; it was a converted windmill. England opened my eyes to a different world of design; everything about it was a new experience, starting with the very space I stayed in.  

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