Monday, December 1, 2008


Newberg, Oregon. The resting place of the Campion in the Minthorn Hall on George Fox University's campus. Newberg has a rich heritage and the small town hospitality. This city was named after its first postmaster's home town of Neuberg, Germany. The pride of their rich history is that Newberg is the place where the US President Herbert Hoover grew up. Many buildings are dedicated to or in honor of our preisdent. Along with being a town that helped rear a president, Newberg can also claim that it was the first community in Oregon to hold QUaker services. Many of the town's homes and the George Fox campus hold to the classic architecture making the city a quaint but sophisticated step back in history. The town still is surrounded by forests and farmland giving any visitor the same feel President Hoover would have had growing up. The rugs like the Campion would have been used in the foyer of many of the homes in the town because a rug at the entry helped the home to feel more inviting and warm upon entry.

Compare: Williamsburg would be another place you would find an foyer or parlor rug like the Campion. But not in all the homes, only the more wealthy people would have a rug as ornate as the Campion. Other less wealthy citizens in town would have a rope rug or something else they would have made themselves to cover the entryway/parlor flooring.

Contrast: Unlike Williamsburg and Newberg, this kind of ornate rug would not be found in a frontier town. The rough and rugged "wild West" would not be a place for this type of decoration. People were busy trying to make a life and provide for themselves and/or families, they weren't worried about class and fine decorations on the frontier.

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