Monday, December 1, 2008

Marian Mahler Curtain: Lauren Thore

Place: Torrance, California neighborhood
The art deco style curtain was placed in a late 20th century house in Torrance California because the districts surrounding the neighborhood have art deco elements throughout its architecture. Like I mentioned in the last post Cliff and Diane Numark's house was recently redesigned by Lee Snijders, and his design team, from Design On A Dime. They created an art deco style bedroom to match the charm and ornamentation from the nearby downtown elements.

Hongkong & Shanghai Bank

The Marian Mahler curtain would be completely inappropriate in the Hongkong & Shanghai bank because it was designed in the high-tech modern style and it is a professional office building that would not have much use for an art deco curtain with mobiles on it. It is much more believable that the HSBC would probably have some sort of high tech system installed for the windows that keeps the natural sun light to a minimum.

Sunnyside Queens, New York

Sunnyside is full of unusual art deco apartment entrances, flats, monumental arch and commercial buildings. The curtain could easily be placed in a house or apartment here because of the relaxed nature of Sunnyside and because of the rich history of art deco influenced architecture.

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