Monday, December 1, 2008

Place for Candlestick Phone

The place of choice is Bloomfield Hills, Michigan where of course Cranbrook educational facility is location as well as the Saarinen House Museum. The place the candle stick phone would have took during the time the Saarinens lived in the house , were as a communication device to get in touch with other areas of the Cranbrook community. The candle stick phone was also found in my visit to Reynolda House, another house museum that like Saarinen house is very large and the use of this style of phone was phone was employed as a device to communicate from one room to another as it in itself was a very large home. These devices were also used to communicate outward into the community about what was happening at these two place whether it be design ideas about art and architecture form Cranbrook, or a party of the Reynolda Family.

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