Monday, December 1, 2008


The Wall Sconce by Alexander Fisher is designed around the form of a peacock and shows the feathers of the bird protruding from the animal's body. The center focus of the sconce is the peacock representing nature and its beauty. Therefore, the space that inhabits this design piece is art nouveau inspired. This apartment building is located in Bristol, England. Bristol is an appropriate location for this peacock wall sconce because of the balance between a booming city life and the incorporation of green landscaping through out the city plan. Bristol, although I have never been there, appears to embrace the art nouveau ideals like incorporating nature into architecture and design.

In comparison, a city such as Raleigh incorporates a lot of trees and greenery within the city plan creating a more pleasing place to live. In an art nouveau inspired city, there should be an incorporation of both the new industrial buildings and the greenery in between them. This is also reflected with in the wall sconce because of the industrial materials like the metal and the peacock motif.

In contrast, a city such as New York has very little greenery except for a few parks and takes little interest in the natural world. Alexander Fisher is showing an appreciation for nature in the form of the peacock and therefore the location of this sconce should reflect that.

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