Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Place

You know a great place for the lava lamp is right here in Greensboro. It is at a place called The Natural Science Center. It is a place where anyone can enjoy it. It has many different kinds of exhibits and things to see like an animal, space and extreme science room. I think the lava lamp would be placed in the science room. It has many different aspects to it and use design in several ways. But mostly it is a place for kids to learn about different things in the world and how they work. Even though the lava lamp has little to do with advanced sciences. The lamp might not be to deep into science but the lamp brings fun and still into the room and the whole place. There are other things in the room that might go with the lamp like an electric globe, math games, and more. What the space has is a great learning environment by having big objects and signs to help direct you throughout the space. I believe that it would be a fantastic place for the lava lamp and you can go because The Natural Science Center is at 4301 Lawndale Dr. not far from our campus.

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