Monday, December 1, 2008

Portland, Oregon; Josie McKinney

Located on the very edge of Maine and next to the beautiful Casco Bay on the Atlantic Ocean is the charming and historical city of Portland. From its shopping and boating to its art galleries, hidden delightful boutiques, and interesting history, this city is one that should be put on everyone’s list of places to visit, and maybe even to live.
Years ago, Portland was a fishing and trading village. In the 19th Century, it became one of the main hubs for transportation because it had a huge train station within it. Slowly and slowly more people would move there, causing the population to rise steadily. Small business owners would bring their businesses to the city and help it to grow economically.
Today the now well populated Portland is widely known for its arts. When taking a walk downtown, one would be taken aback by the great number of art galleries and studios for artists. It thrives greatly on its handmade crafts, which is the same notion as the arts and crafts movement. The downtown area is right next to the water of Casco Bay, which gives the city a laid back atmosphere. The roadways are still cobblestone in Old Port, which show how the city is trying its hardest to hold onto its history and not give in completely to modern thinking.
The city of Portland Maine is truly picturesque and a seemingly amazing place for a sophisticated urbanite to live.


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