Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Place for RCA 730TV1

RCA 730 TV1 was a BIG SCREEN TV in 1947!

The Science Musium in London is a great home for this television, in one of their antique television set displays. The musium contains a large collestion of antique television sets.

The launch of independent television (ITV) in 1955 meant that some radio programmes were successfully transferred on to television, By 1960 television had been transformed in the home from an amusing diversion to the means by which the great mass received their entertainment, news, sport and information. Social snobbery about owning a television was so strong that some houses sported TV aerials, though they lacked the actual set.

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Service Care said...

Very cool. I think that TV had a 10 inch screen, which was HUGE for the time. Also came with a radio and phonograph.