Monday, December 1, 2008

Murphy's bed in New York

Murphy's bed was designed to be a practical solution for small spaces. Murphy designed in in the early 1900s because of the huge increase of population in urban areas. I placed the bed in New York City because the city is known for high rent and small apartments. This would be the ideal location for the bed because it is a completely functional piece. The bed was designed for an urban environment so it would fit seemlessly in with the surrounding enviroment. It would also help the people living in the tiny apartments to feel that they were living in an actual home environment. In a city that never sleeps it helps to have one space providing two things, sleep and entertainment.

Compare: Murphy's bed would work in any huge city where there is a lack of space and small apartments. It would be most useful in an environment that would have the most need of it. It would help reduce the amount of room needed for one person and help more people afford a place in a major city.

Contrast: The palace of Versailles would be the worst place for the Murphy Bed. The palace if full of opulence. It has lots of room and has no need for a two in one room. The bed is made strictly for function whereas the entire palace is more decoration than anything.

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