Monday, December 1, 2008

a place for the penguin donkey

the penguin donkey book case was originally designed during the second generation modernist movement in 1939 and was a design response to the traditional appearance of bookcases the preceeded it. the designers of the penguin donkey pushed the boundaries of design by experimenting with the idea of molded plywood in furniture design. the idea of pushing the boudaries when dealing with materials not only played a big role in furniture design, but also with the new styles of architecture.
one of the biggest design movements that became internationally known during the rise of the penguin donkey was the modern movement.

the approach of modernism was to reduce the ornamentations into simpler, more pure forms and pay more attention to the functional aspects of design. because of WWII alot of european designers designers left their countries' in order to continue spreading their new design ideas. one of the main placesthat was greatly infuenced by the modern movement was chicago, illinois.

chicagos landscape during the 1930's was greatly influenced by the modern movement, just as the penguin donkey was. the city of chicago is the place in which the penguin donkey will be placed because of its connection back to the same movement. the city of chicago compliments the penguin donkey because of the fact that they both are products of the modernist movement. even in recent designs in chicago we still see the ideas of pushing the boundaaries of design by the use of material, and trying to figure out what more we can do with simple materials.

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