Monday, December 1, 2008

Barcelona Daybed Place

An office building located in the Shanghai business district.

Shanghai cityline where I picture the office building to be located.

Downtown Shanghai at night. It looks like a totally different place from the daytime.

The Barcelona daybed embodies the ideals of modernism in a single piece furniture. Made of leather and steel, the daybed experiments with shapes and angles not commonly seen in furniture. Because of such risky behavior I set the Barcelona daybed in a skyscraper office building in the downtown district. Lets take a look a the story:

The last time you heard from me, I was on my way to a business meeting in downtown Shanghai. I described to you the office building but i did not describe to you the surrounding buildings. Known as an upcoming city, Shanghai reminded me of cities back home like Las Vegas and New York City. At night the downtown district is home to tons of bright lights and crowds of people. During the day, the city greets you with a beautiful view of the ocean while at night you are greeted with the skyscrapers that once looked like regular office buildings. But at night they take on a whole different look. Like the office building I went to earlier for my business meeting almost does not even look the same. As the surrounding lights bounce off of the glass windows the building seems to glow. And like all the other buildings around it, this office building no longer seems intimidating but fun. One thing that I liked about the business district of Shanghai is that the building had several characteristics. During the day they take on a prestigious feel while the bright lights allow for a sense of fun that you would not expect.

Although similar to many cities back home like Las Vegas and New York City, the Shanghai business district can be very different from other cities, especially Washington, DC. Like Shanghai, Washington D.C. is a business district as well a political centre. But unlike the buildings in Shanghai many of the buildings do not take on several personalities. Influenced by Roman and Greek architecture, most of the government buildings downtown maintain that same feel of prestige even in the night time. But I guess that comes from the two cities being totally different.


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