Wednesday, December 10, 2008

leah petriccione - design autobiography

1. etsy is a website to sell all things handmade. this pair of earrings is one that reminds me of the craft and hard work that goes into making things by hand, which i love to do, and always think about in design.
2. womb chair is my all time favorite chair. it's simplicity in form and clean contours are something i always strive for. i hope to own one someday.
3. church of the light is all about capturing and making light the centerpiece. light represents a lot things in this design, and it amazes me how simple this church is, while still speaking a powerful language.
4. the water cube is so technologically intricate and structurally detailed, but is still so simple. i love this building for it's innovation and overall calming ambience of the modules of "water."
5. the star by alexander calder is fascinating to me. i love kinetic sculptures, and the science and precision that goes into creating a mobile. calder's work also reminds me of the sky and space, which has also held my interest for as long as i can remember.
6. ikea brings modern and innovative design to the everyday person, at reasonable prices. it doesn't get much better in my opinion.
7. italy is my all-time favorite on the list of places i've been. everything about it amazes me- from its incredible history to its delicious food, and beautiful islands. italian culture is very dear to me as well, as my family is italian.
8. the guggenheim museum in new york city is a constant reminder that art and design surrounds us everywhere we look. i love the architecture for it's simple form that speaks a powerful message.
9. long island, ny is where half of my family lives, and another one of my all time favorite places to be.
10. apple computers is another company that has the right idea. simple, powerful, innovative machines (and advertising, and packaging, and retail stores.. should i go on?) that are easy to use. why does anyone still like windows?!

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