Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Top 10

design autobiography

Ashley Blackburn ~DeSiGn AuTobiOgRapHy~

Here are my top 10 influences of design from this semester!

design autobiography

top ten.

Top Ten

Defining a Designer

My Top Ten

leah petriccione - design autobiography

1. etsy is a website to sell all things handmade. this pair of earrings is one that reminds me of the craft and hard work that goes into making things by hand, which i love to do, and always think about in design.
2. womb chair is my all time favorite chair. it's simplicity in form and clean contours are something i always strive for. i hope to own one someday.
3. church of the light is all about capturing and making light the centerpiece. light represents a lot things in this design, and it amazes me how simple this church is, while still speaking a powerful language.
4. the water cube is so technologically intricate and structurally detailed, but is still so simple. i love this building for it's innovation and overall calming ambience of the modules of "water."
5. the star by alexander calder is fascinating to me. i love kinetic sculptures, and the science and precision that goes into creating a mobile. calder's work also reminds me of the sky and space, which has also held my interest for as long as i can remember.
6. ikea brings modern and innovative design to the everyday person, at reasonable prices. it doesn't get much better in my opinion.
7. italy is my all-time favorite on the list of places i've been. everything about it amazes me- from its incredible history to its delicious food, and beautiful islands. italian culture is very dear to me as well, as my family is italian.
8. the guggenheim museum in new york city is a constant reminder that art and design surrounds us everywhere we look. i love the architecture for it's simple form that speaks a powerful message.
9. long island, ny is where half of my family lives, and another one of my all time favorite places to be.
10. apple computers is another company that has the right idea. simple, powerful, innovative machines (and advertising, and packaging, and retail stores.. should i go on?) that are easy to use. why does anyone still like windows?!

Design Autobiography

My Top 10

Ben 10

Mira Eng-Goetz's Top 10

Melia's top 10

top 10

My Top Ten

Mark Mundorf: Design Autobiography

Top 10 Design Autobiography

top ten design inspirations

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial: The grace of the arch and the connection of east and west is what makes this piece on my top ten.
Klismos Chair: This object is simple yet graceful, the curved legs and rounded back makes this chair ergonomic.
Sydney Opera House: The reptition of the shells on the roof makes this building admirable and inspiring.
Beachcomber Island, Fiji: This place is the most relaxing and scenic place in the world.
Trevi Fountain, Rome: The grace of the water fountains and the location of the building links me to my heritage.
Glasgow School of Art: The innovative design and and eclectic feel makes this space on my top ten.
Amiens Cathedral: The massive scale this building creates, the details and the vaulted ceilings makes this space an inspiration.
Reliance Building: This building has an intricate facade which establishes hierarchy and makes this skyscraper unlike any other.
Union Terminal: The art deco style and history of this building makes this an influential design.
Statue of Liberty: This object makes my top ten to represent my country and my appreciation of my freedom.

design history Laura Snoderly

Cannelle Cake Shop:
Egg Vase:
Moriyama House: &
Wolfgang Laib:
Kokuyo Pencil Case:
Bento Box: &

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My design Insperation

Nacarra' Design Autobiography

My design Autobiography has been influenced by my everyday objects I love and my learning environment.

LIndsey Strohschein

Top 10: Design Autobiography

Top 10

my top ten influences/design autobiography:

Top 10

Design autobiography

Path of Inspiration


  1. Alarm Clocks- I have a fixation with retro clocks and hence the reason why I have so many. They display the perseverance of technological demand, and in turn have far more character.
  2. Music- Specifically movie scores, music is essential in my design process. It allows me to cancel the surrounding noise, and concentrate. Also, ideas complemented with music produce organic, whimsical designs.
  3. The real first art class I toke was a high school ceramics class. It taught me rudimentary design skills, and allowed me to interprate my design in tangible forms.
  4. Aspen, Colorado- Colorado is another world. Its clarity and openness is conducive to design free of unnecessary elements. 
  5. Childhood Backyard- My mom encouraged my sister and I to use outdoors as a playful pastime.
  6. Elise- my sister is a large part of my inspiration. I’ve always looked up to her for her artwork; she is very talented.
  7. Gamble House- The intricacy of the Arts and Crafts Movement is fascinating. The high craft and attention to detail inspires me to push for high-quality technique.
  8. Merchandise Mart- It was seeing this building in Chicago that sparked my interest in sustainable preservation. Merchandise Mart is the largest and oldest Green Building In the United States. It shows that sustainable design does not have to be new design.
  9. Baltimore Aquarium- this building is one of the most memorable buildings I’ve been to. Flowing from one room to the next, way finding goes hand in hand with the exhibit tanks.
  10. Windmill- The Windmill Inn in Wraysbury, England was the first inn I stayed in while outside of the country, lucky for me; it was a converted windmill. England opened my eyes to a different world of design; everything about it was a new experience, starting with the very space I stayed in.  

Top 10 Morgan Bodford

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Design Autobiography

1. Smoby Truck- my favorite toy when I was three years old. it came with tools so you could disassemble it.
2. Tommy's Engagement Ring Box- its construction is such a simple yet elegant solution to it's design problem
3. McIver Building- it has got to be the ugliest and most un-user friendly building on the planet
4. Feng Zhu Designs- an artist with absolutely breathtaking concept art using very simple perspective tools Feng Zhu
5. Massive Black Studios- the upper end of the skill spectrum in the way of art, illustration and ideation Massive Black
6. Linear Perspective- one of my favorite subjects of all time
7. Santiago Calatrava- need I say more? Santiago Calatrava
8. My Mom- I always drew and designed stuff, but she was the one who got me started in Iarc... she started it all officially
9. Home School- years of this gave me a great appreciation of outside the box thinking and creativity
10. Occam's Razor- all things being equal, the simple answer tends to be the best one. (rough translation)

Top Ten

jeep – practical vehicle that can set five, can haul large amounts, 4x4, fulfills all of your needs
toe socks – does everything a sock needs to do and more, thinking about the whole
womb chair – cradles the body, amazingly comfortable, human body in mind
tiffany lamp – small pieces coming together to make a whole

casa ballito – stands out, something you don’t see everyday
the hambley - wallace house- stands out in salisbury, nc, rare, adds curiosity

living/dinning room at childhood home – open space, used for multiple functions
landscaping –first thing you see when approaching a building, adds to the building

charleston s.c. – everything fits together and yet everything can stand on its own
salisbury n.c. – where I grew up, I compare everything to it

My Design Influances

Top Design Artifacts: Lauren Thore

Top 10

Jennifer Deal

Top 10: Design Autobiography

1. Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends (1974). I love the simplistic, fun drawings
2. Marvel comic books (1962), i love the edgy, clean lines that characters and objects are drawn with.
3. San Francisco (1776) i love this city and have a lot of good childhood memories there.
4. Vintage produce labels (1940's +), my mom has a couple dozen of these in the kitchen and i love the bright colors and general look.
5. My Grandama's house in Hollister
6. Japanese screens (1600's +) my grandma's house was filled with oriental things
7. Franz Kafka Society Center. The rotating bookshelves are an interesting way to treat the hundreds of books that are housed there. I am always particularly interested in shelving because I enjoy books so much.
8.Oscar de La renta (1973) floral patterns. I like the simplified lines and the bright colors
9.The Madeline books(1939)by Ludwig Bemelman. I read these books when I was in elementary school and i really like the symmetry in these books.
10. The Little Prince by Antoine de Sainte-Exupery (1943) was read to me when i was little. i love the watercolored colors

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Design Autobiography

This is who i am

design autobiography

Inspiration of a Designer

Inspiration of a Designer

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Place for RCA 730TV1

RCA 730 TV1 was a BIG SCREEN TV in 1947!

The Science Musium in London is a great home for this television, in one of their antique television set displays. The musium contains a large collestion of antique television sets.

The launch of independent television (ITV) in 1955 meant that some radio programmes were successfully transferred on to television, By 1960 television had been transformed in the home from an amusing diversion to the means by which the great mass received their entertainment, news, sport and information. Social snobbery about owning a television was so strong that some houses sported TV aerials, though they lacked the actual set.

A Place

You know a great place for the lava lamp is right here in Greensboro. It is at a place called The Natural Science Center. It is a place where anyone can enjoy it. It has many different kinds of exhibits and things to see like an animal, space and extreme science room. I think the lava lamp would be placed in the science room. It has many different aspects to it and use design in several ways. But mostly it is a place for kids to learn about different things in the world and how they work. Even though the lava lamp has little to do with advanced sciences. The lamp might not be to deep into science but the lamp brings fun and still into the room and the whole place. There are other things in the room that might go with the lamp like an electric globe, math games, and more. What the space has is a great learning environment by having big objects and signs to help direct you throughout the space. I believe that it would be a fantastic place for the lava lamp and you can go because The Natural Science Center is at 4301 Lawndale Dr. not far from our campus.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Place for a Sewing Machine

The Isaac Singer sewing machine can be found in one of Australia's oldest and largest antique centre's - the 'Sydney Antique Centre.' "The warehouse, plus cafe, is located just 2.5km from Sydney's CBD", in a thriving and constantly improving area called Surry Hills. This now prominent area, was once an "overcrowded slum, with brothels and notorious gangs." However today it is a different story. Surry Hills is "a colourful and diverse inner-city suburb that is well known for its art galleries, antique dealers, cafes and pubs, and fashion and rag trade outlets." Thus, it is only appropriate that the Sydney Antique Centre be situated here amongst shops selling clothing, vintage, homewares, collectables, bookshops and food. The shop itself has displays arranged in a pleasing manner with convenience for the visitor. The sewing machine is an antique piece from the 1850’s, the first commercially successful sewing machine. It would be a desired antique for its classic design.

In comparison the Rookwood Vase is located in a place where similar objects are appreciated. As is the sewing machine in a place which appreciates antiques, the Rookwood vase is in a modern home in Pittsboro, NC - a town with a rich pottery history.
The Natural Science Center contrasts because it is a place for people to learn about facts/objects and their place in the world. It is a learning space, compared to the Sydney Antique Center which simply appreciates good design.