Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Design Autobiography

1. Smoby Truck- my favorite toy when I was three years old. it came with tools so you could disassemble it.
2. Tommy's Engagement Ring Box- its construction is such a simple yet elegant solution to it's design problem
3. McIver Building- it has got to be the ugliest and most un-user friendly building on the planet
4. Feng Zhu Designs- an artist with absolutely breathtaking concept art using very simple perspective tools Feng Zhu
5. Massive Black Studios- the upper end of the skill spectrum in the way of art, illustration and ideation Massive Black
6. Linear Perspective- one of my favorite subjects of all time
7. Santiago Calatrava- need I say more? Santiago Calatrava
8. My Mom- I always drew and designed stuff, but she was the one who got me started in Iarc... she started it all officially
9. Home School- years of this gave me a great appreciation of outside the box thinking and creativity
10. Occam's Razor- all things being equal, the simple answer tends to be the best one. (rough translation)

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