Monday, December 1, 2008

Place for Etagere- St. Petersburg

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Étagère was designed and produced in 1851-1866, functioning as a furniture piece to be used in the bedroom or parlor during the nineteenth century. This rococo style furnishing was obtained generally by the high-class. This elaborately designed and hand carved piece is traced back to Russian influences.

Étagère is placed in St. Petersburg, Russia at Catherine’s Palace. Placing Étagère in this community will preserve the history of the piece and connect it back to its rococo and baroque roots. St. Petersburg encompasses a variety of rococo style buildings. The high style buildings in St. Petersburg contain a very adorned façade with intricate carvings and details. The city of St. Petersburg and the artifact, Étagère, go hand in hand.

Similar Place: Étagère could easily be placed in the city of Prague in Czech Republic. Prague contains many high style buildings of baroque influence. Rococo and baroque are comparable in style, both including sophisticated and intricate design elements. The artifact, Étagère, contains similar elements of the buildings present in Prague.

Contrasting Place: Étagère should not be placed in any building or place built after the 1920’s. There was a dramatic change in society and architecture at the turn of the century. Industrialization took over, and the appearance of the buildings was forever changed. Skyscrapers and new materials were introduced, making the construction of buildings different from the past.

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