Saturday, October 11, 2008

Waterbed in a space

While the waterbed was first invented for the use in hospitals, they later became popular in homes. I have had the experience of lying in two different waterbeds in totally different settings. I encountered a waterbed in two vernacular style homes. One home was out on the lakefront, and the other out in a rural setting. Knowing the consumer of the bed in the rural setting I feel that they was trying to gain the feeling of being on the water, due to their enjoyment of going to the beach. On the other hand I unofficially know the person that lives on the lakefront, only through my father. So I have chosen to place the waterbed in a vernacular style home, which was located on a lakefront. From what I remember, the room that encloses the bed was similar to a glass screened in patio room. The room media seemed to have been stained pinewood, with an abundant amount of natural light screening in, there was also a ceiling fan placed overhead center ways of the bed. I interpret that the consumer of the bed took into consideration of his liking of the water and, probably want the feeling of being out on his boat while lying in his bed due to the motion of the water in the bed makes. He probably also chose the room due to the natural light that would be entering, along with the glass windows that could be open for fresh air that also has the accompanying component of a screen to block-out unwanted company and elements. He possibly chose to place the bed center ways underneath the ceiling fan to receive the feeling of a breeze from it that has a close relative feeling of a natural outdoors breeze. Surrounding the exterior of the room is a forest of tall pine trees, which I feel that he probably encouraged the designer to incorporate in the construction of the room. In comparison to other beds the waterbed was said to give an even distribution of the body, today the sleep number bed is relative to the waterbed, in the case of evenly distributing the body. In contrast the sleep number bed has an air chamber design in a mattress that can be adjusted to you desired comfort, by the touch of a button.

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