Sunday, October 12, 2008

National Gallery of Art

The National gallery of art building is a newer building of a series of art buildings next to the Mall in Washington D.C. It is the current location of the Alexander Calder mobile which is the perfect location. The building itself is a piece of art because of the triangular angles on the ceiling. The shapes and negative space it creates in the windows is reflected on the walls and floor. The open space displays the mobile very well because of its scale. The mobile is over 920 pounds and needs a huge open space in which people can look up and view the artifact.
The windows in the building enhance the mobile because it provides a lot of light. the mobile is a piece of artwork, therefore it belongs in a museum space that illuminates the piece and makes it stand out. 
Also, the triangular shapes on the ceiling actually adds a contrast to the rounded aluminum shapes on the mobile. This contrast draws the eye to the curves of Calder's work. The colors on the piece are also contrasted to the neutrals in the building. Blue and red are the two key colors on the mobile and they are the only bright colors in the room. 
Another contrast in the museum that enhances the artwork is the lines on the floor, railings, and throughout the building. they are all straight and therefore contrasts to the art. Last, the style of this building is contemporary which is the same style that the mobile is in, which shows that this piece belongs in the space.

The Lakefront vernacular style home where the waterbed was placed is similar to the national art museum because of the openness and windows. The high windows create large shadows on the walls just like the triangles in the museum created shadows. Both buildings place an emphasis on windows to be the main source of light.
The shape of this room resembles a piece of art. This is similar to the museum in D.C because both seem to be works of art on its own, and with it's artifact. The lakefront room is rounded to represent its organic natural location, and the museum is very geometric to represent its modern and contemporary style.

The Rococo style room created for the silver chocolate pot is one space that has more differences than comparisons to the museum. One difference seems to be the the size of the space. One has three floors completely open to the light, while the rococo style room is enclosed with only one window to allow light. This one window is covered with curtains unlike the ceiling filled with windows in the museum that have no way of being covered. 
Also, one very obvious difference to both rooms is the style. the rococo style is more formal and old- fashioned which would not fit the modern style of the mobile. The museum's modern style creates clean lines and forms to open the space a provide a good place for the mobile.

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