Sunday, October 26, 2008

West SIDE Story

Expression -- Dance is used to enhance the emotion of the scenes. The high speed movements of the chase scene, for instance, encapsulates the viewer pulling them into the animosity and playfulness of the scene.
Add Music -- Not only does the dancing enhance the emotion, the music and lyrics really help educate the viewer. They add to the dance actual verbal demonstrations of the emotions.
Then the Scene and Setting -- Both the built environment and the setting aid in the enhancement of the plays emotion. The built, downtown city environment stands as a backdrop for this tragic love story to take place. The color is drained from the buildings and most of the settings in order for more emphasis to be put on the actors. Their color and liveliness makes the play. The buildings are utilized as props while the kids create the drama. The light and color are put to use to create boundaries and barriers, establishing the two groups and their territories.
Lastly Consider Context -- This play is set in the beginning of the sixties. The beginning of racial turmoil and world turmoil. This play comes from the viewpoints of racist kids and cops trying to right the social wrongs in the inner city, while the Puerto Rican immigrants are just trying to make a better life for themselves in America

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