Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tete a Tete in space

The rococo revival was a popular style for the decoration of formal parlors, or reception rooms. My space for the tete a tete chair is in The Richard and Gloria Manney John Henry Belter Rococo Revival Parlor at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The tete-a-tete chair is placed near a window at the rear of the parlor where one on one conversation may take place away from the rest of the party. Located near the other window is another piece of Belter’s parlor set, an arm chair, where one could perhaps enjoy a book with some natural lighting. The two windows to which these two items sit are framed with luxurious layered window treatments using the same blues and gold’s seen in the fabric of the parlor set. Resting between the two windows is a golden mirror to perhaps reflect the lighting from the chandelier hanging in the center of the parlor or perhaps to make the room seem grander Located on the east wall beside one of the large windows is a marble topped table. Placed on the table is a glass display case, inside the case is a tree with birds on it. The reasoning for covering the piece is because during the Victorian times the air was so dirty due to coal burning. Located directly below the chandelier is an elaborate round table with a marble top placed in the center of the room directly in front of the fireplace. This table displays the same S- and C- scrolls as in the tête-à-tête chair. Placed around the center table are two side chairs and another armchair and a settee all of witch are a part of the Belter parlor set.

The room in which the silver chocolate pot is placed in is very similar in style as the parlor from the MET. It also is in the Rococo Revival Style. Some similarities in the two rooms are the large layered widow treatments. The silver chocolate pot is displayed on a marble table similar to the tree displayed in the Richard and Gloria Manney room.

Very different from my Rococo style room is the room in which the Alexander Calder mobile is located in. Unlike my space which has divided individual windows the mobile is hung in a room that is made of nothing but windows and open space. The room style is very different is style. The Alexander Calder mobile is hung in a space created by very straight clean lines with a geometric feel to it, very much opposed to my space with its extensive use of C- and S- scrolls and flowers within its furniture.

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