Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Mechanical Game Table set in an Urban Sophisticate's apartment

Located in a penthouse apartment on the edge of the large, but quaint city of Portland Maine, is an urban sophisticate named John Stevens. Dr. Stevens earned a PHD in psychiatry and has written many books on the inner workings of the human mind. Dr. Stevens, being the worldly and cultured man that he is, spends his free time studying about the eighteenth century and has decided to remodel his apartment to mimic the style of that specific period.

While studying the eighteenth century, John Stevens noticed how there was a separate room for every occasion, so he wanted to incorporate that into his living space. It took a long time to locate all of the furniture that he wanted in each room because he searched for it all himself—John Stevens needs no decorator to make his decisions for him. One piece, in particular, that he fell in love with was the Mechanical Game table. He knew right off the bat that it would go just perfectly in his entertainment room.

Once he had the table delivered, Dr. Stevens already had a place for it, for the rest of the entertainment room was already finished. Located next to the huge bay window, which looked over the bay area of Portland, was a grand piano. Angled towards the piano and window are two large leather couches in the center of the room. Nestled in the back corner of the rooms is a nondescript table with two chairs on either side of it. This was the Mechanical Game table. At first glance it looked like just a small, mere table. But when there were people to entertain, Dr. Stevens showed his guests how the table converted into several different types of game tables. This was the perfect place for it—not the center of attention, but still in a place where people can enjoy it when they want to.

After completing his penthouse apartment’s redecoration, Dr. Stevens relaxed at the piano and realized how proud he was of himself for successfully creating a beautiful entertainment room; and he did it all himself.

--Josie McKinney

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