Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lounge For A Beanbag Chair

Instead of creating a typical sixties hippie designed room for a beanbag chair, I took a worldlier approach. This hookah lounge takes on a middle-eastern style with luxury. In hookah lounges relaxation and comfort is key, thus beanbag chairs which provide, comfort, and seating for multiple people in tight spaces is ideal, especially because beanbag chairs are low sitting and easily accessible. Also, an ottoman used as a table provides plush, fabric, and low sitting arrangement as well as the beanbag chair. An array of fabrics and pillows are usually seen in these types of lounge environments because they are associated with luxuriant opulence. The lush of the fabrics and dimmed lighting provides for a relaxed, dream-like mood. To make the beanbag chairs blend easily in this environment, other sixties design contributes to this concept of a worldwide luxury designed in the sixties era. The lighting fixture is a mixture of two prominent sixties time period chandeliers and hookah pipes were popular in the sixties among the hippies as well as beanbag chairs. I suppose that a beanbag chair and a hookah pipe would typically be in the same setting in the sixties because both are tied to group socializing. The ceiling of this space dips into the room creating more of a close, personal feeling, and the dipped-in seating area provides a section for socializing. Gold, red, and purple are the colors used in this space because they symbolize and embody royalty, luxury, and a lavish environment.

Compare and Contrast:
Sara Zale's space for the Ray Hollis Ashtray
This space is a smoking lounge, like the lounge I've created for many people to get together and socialize. However the differences are large; in this space modern furniture and sleek lines are prominent, as for in my space the atmosphere is softer and luxuriant.

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