Sunday, October 12, 2008

RCA 730TV1 Televion-Radio in a Room

The House of Holdens, a historical mark, located in a suburban area in Surrey. The house is a spacious 2 story house, comprised of 3 bedrooms, and 2 two bathrooms. The house is fully furnished with original furnishings and technology from 1940s. Both the living and dining rooms have lemon yellow walls, white woodwork, chartreuse draperies, and blonde carpeting. The long fireplace wall of knotty pine paneling with built-in bookshelves is an effective foil for Victorian antique furniture, and in the dining room an old Welsh cupboard and drop-leaf table are space savers. Colonial wallpapers in the bedrooms are in keeping with the reproductions of old furniture, crocheted bedspreads, and net curtains. This house makes use of woods such as oak, walnut and mahogany. The pieces range from quite heavy and imposing to rustic and hand crafted, depending on the era of history in which they were styled. It is not a perfect, strict, 'finished' style, but mixes and matches different looks and styles. It includes treasured family heirlooms, handed down, and items of many different eras and styles. After the War, people did have to make-do and mend - so this led to furniture that was repaired or made-over, and lots of hand-made goodies - like patchwork quilts and crochet. Besides all of which has been described above, the most priced “possession” in this house is the television, a technology that was still new to the 1940s. RCA730TV1 Television-Radio belonged to the Holden family, and it has been in the location since the RCA service technician assembled it there in 1946. The service technician came out to your house to assemble the television and than toughed how to work the set. The set is in an excellent condition, cabinet is beautiful walnut veneer in a mint condition. The radio still works, and has a great sound. It’s a very nice unit, a precious possession.

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