Monday, October 13, 2008

Bed within a space

This bed that appears to be made from plywood is very simple. It satisfied the needs of the individual, which is to sleep. I have placed this bed in a very simple room that would have furniture that was the same type of materials. I do not think that this bed would be placed into a bedroom because It looks very rough. I would picture this bed in a garage.
In order to keep the simplicity of the bed, I placed this bed in an empty room that is every plain. I would only contain the bed itself and televisions stand. I think that what makes this piece of furniture unique is that it is made so simple from materials we may have sitting in our garage, and that don’t cost very much. I really enjoy the circle located on the side of the bed. I think that really helps the bed look more interesting.
Even though this bed is extremely simple, the way is crafted is very unique. The wood appears to not have been sanded down or even have any type of protecting covering to it. As the main focus the room will also consists of the same type of materials and look similar to that of the bed.

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