Sunday, October 12, 2008

Macintosh 512 within space

The Macintosh 512k, a second generation of apple computers was used as personal computers in the late 80’s and the early 90’s. This computer is rarely ever seen today, however, the model once used to be a computer many individuals owned. They look like a big beige box with a screen inside it, which is nothing like the flat screen-high tech computers used today. Computers such as the Macintosh 512k are often used as learning or a business tool. Therefore putting a Macintosh 512k in a studious environment would be a perfect idea. The actual device (Macintosh 512k) would be set on a spacious desk, avoiding the clustered atmosphere. This will allow an individual to work comfortably without any chaos. Surrounding the desk would be shelves and cabinets for storage that provide space for other learning materials such as books and files. A dark wooden material the desk would be made out of would be a perfect contrast to the beige color of the computer. This color contrast will definitely allow the computer to stand out in the room. The shelves and the cabinets surrounding the computer will also be the same material as the desk so the room would not look mismatched. In addition, having cabinets and shelves cannot cause distraction during your studies. Having things such as a television or a big window in front of the computer may cause disturbance. The desk being in the center of the room allows the computer to be the main focus, which gives off a feeling of a studios environment.

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