Sunday, October 12, 2008

Table saw in Space

The table saw is most at home in a workshop. Not surprising since it is considered one of the main staples of any work shop. If one is to own any tools a table saw is first choice. Most notably a carpenters workshop. A carpenter is going to be using a table saw frequently due to their choice of material. The table saw may often times be the only large tool that craftsman have. This is due to its versatility which is what makes it the figurehead of any workshop.

The table saws, shape and design suggest its own environment. It's lack of aesthetic touches in favor of more functional features make it destined for an industrious environment such as a work shop. In many carpenter's workshops it takes the center stage oft being situated in the center of the space as a commonly used tool should be in proximity to all projects, This way one is always close by should they need it. While being in the center of the space it is also given a large amount of space between it and other surfaces. I believe that this is to give a decent amount of space to larger pieces of timber that may need to be cut.

Around the table saw sits a jig saw, planer and a few work benches. This particular carpenter's wood shop I believe focuses more on hand work due to the amount of work benches but still relies on tools such as the table saw which is one of the few large tools in this shop. The jig saw is closest to the table saw likely to allow recently cut timber to be more finely shaped beyond just straight and angled cuts. It is in close proximity likely for the convenience, for if someone has to go back and forth from each they would want it to be closer. The planer sits slightly in the foreground of the table saw and jig saw in the image. I believe that this actually creates a circle for the path of the wood. It begins in the planer where it is sanded down then to the table saw where the first cuts are put in and finally at the jig saw for the more aesthetic cuts. This circle illustrates the importance of the table saw. It's efficiency makes it a perfect middle ground allowing for precise cuts that can later be refined in conjunction with other tools.

The table saw likely has a similar space as the fire screen. The fire screen is likely around a fireplace which is usually more about the function than the aesthetics which makes it an ideal environment for a tool such as the table saw. Although a fireplace would be quite crowded conditions for a table saw.

The table saw however would not fit in well within nearly any other kind of space in the residential aspect as those areas are generally reserved for objects that have multiple functions and are generally more aesthetically pleasing. For example one would not expect to see a table saw in the same bedroom as the water bed. It just would not make sense. A table saw generates a lot of noise and would disturb the sleeping person. But more importantly, the bed room has a clearly defined purpose that the table saw just would not fit as is about working not relaxing and rest.

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