Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Red Room

The Nichols Family House Museum is in current possession of this pair of candlesticks. Because they are formal, they would be placed in a dining room or somewhere that the owner would entertain guests. I chose to place them in the Red Room of the White House, because the candlesticks were designed in the late 19th century, which is the style in which the Red Room is decorated. The majority of the Red Room is decorated in the American Empire style which is derived from the Neoclassical style. The other pieces are both European and American products. The room is rather eclectic in that sense. The wood pieces in the room have different stains. The room’s color scheme is reds (obviously), pinks and golds. The gold colored brass candlesticks on the mantelpiece fit rather well. It is plausible to think that these candlesticks were decorative instead of being used for everyday functional use. The candlestick’s fit well in this room as well because many of the pieces in the room are very rectilinear. The curves of the candlesticks cause juxtaposition but also tie in with the large urns by the floor of the fireplace and a few other pieces. Because the candlesticks are placed near a mirror they would reflect and provide more light throughout the room than if they were placed elsewhere.

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