Monday, October 13, 2008

Barcelona Daybed- Space

Designed by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, the Barcelona daybed was designed for the apartment of Philip Johnson in New York. It was first exhibited at the German Pavilion at the Berlin Exhibition in 1929. Although designed as a daybed, since its creation in 1929, the Barcelona daybed has not always been used for its intended function of a daybed Based on research and pictures, the Barcelona daybed is usually used as a lounge piece, usually paired with the Barcelona chair, stool, and table. It tends to be placed in sitting areas more so than in bedrooms.

The Barcelona Daybed.

When used the Barcelona daybed is not usually used as a daybed but more so as a lounge piece paired with the Barcelona furniture collection.

Taken from the November 2007 issue of Elle D├ęcor Magazine, I selected this room to be the space for my artifact because of its modern, sleek look. This room embodies some of the key design elements of the Barcelona Daybed. The furniture in the room embodies clean-cut lines resemble the Barcelona daybed. Also very important is the color scheme and material choices. The steel legs of the Barcelona daybed and leather upholstery are a great compliment to the other steel framed furniture. The wooden sides of the daybed add a certain detail not seen in the rest of the room.

Inspired by the Elle Magazine room the layout of the room was changed. Instead of the having the couch against the wall, I decided to have the Barcelona daybed in its place. The couch could face the Barcelona daybed. The shape of the couch still creates a sense of privacy in the area by closing of the sitting area from the rest of the space. The lamp and table were moved around to fit the different furniture layout.

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