Monday, October 13, 2008

artifact in space

I have created a room with my artifact "Etagere" composed within the space. The room contains many Rococo style pieces in it, including parlor chairs, table, a rug, a couch, and a window adorned with appropriate window treatment. This space is located in New York, in the nineteenth century, I chose this time period because my artifact was created between the years 1851-1866. I chose New York as the location because the cabinet was designed by Julius Dessoir and was made in the USA. I designed this space the way I did because the Rococo style was very ornate and contained elegant furniture, and intricate window treatments. The Rococo style was largely derived from the Neoclassic style. Etagere is a functional piece which contains a mirror, shelves and a drawer; it could be used as a display shelf or a vanity piece. This piece is artwork by itself, it has much intricate carved wood work with brass accents as well. It could be used in a parlor or in a bedroom.

In comparison to this piece, the parlor chairs composed in the space were also from America. Both chairs were designed by Auguste-Emile Ringuet-Leprince, a French designer. Both the parlor chair the cabinet was created of the same materials, carved wood. Another piece used in this space was the couch located on the right wall. It differs from the cabinet in several ways. Although it has some wood, the couch is made of hand screened striped linen fabric. The couch was originally from France as opposed to America. Overall, the Rococo style of this room fits the original artifact, Etagere.

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