Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Golden Bed: space

William Burges designed the Golden bed in the later years of his life. This bed was designed specifically for the Guest Chamber in his Melbury Road in Kensington, London. The interior of the house was based on medieval style, which is where the style of the be derived. However, the theme of the room was different, 'Vita Nova' or New life.
This theme contrasts that of the bed because new life brings to mind growth and nature, while medieval suggests characteristics of the Romanesque style such as barrel vaults, round arches, thick piers, and few windows. Since the rest of the house was inspired by medieval art, it may have tapestries hanging up on the walls that wrapped all the way around the space to keep it warm during the winter.
In speculation of the design theme of the Guest Chamber, there was also implantation of it in the medieval style bed. There are flower and animal ornamentations that advocate a garden that is full of life. The bed is embellished with carvings, mirrors, painting, and pieces of illuminated manuscripts which is apparent in the other pieces in the space and may have been suggested in the design for the room. It would be adequate for the design of the furniture to be ornamented, but the design of the room to have more architectural and structural features than decoration. New life, while borrowing off the idea of medieval architectural features would have an openness to it as well as curved lines and a flow to the space.

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