Sunday, October 12, 2008

a space for a penguin

The penguin donkey is a unique bookcase because of it's shape and modern style. I decided to place the penguin donkey bookcase in a modern style living room. I wanted to celebrate the simplistic nature of the penguin donkey by mimicking the style within the space and also incorporating the use of wood in the living room as the floor material. The finish of the floor is a few shades darker which keeps the penguin donkey from blending in with the floor. Because the penguin donkey is not large in scale I placed it in between the two cream colored womb chairs so that it is in the reach of someone sitting down to read, and also so that small piece would not be overlooked, but would stand out within the space because of it's unique shape. The two womb chairs on each side of the penguin donkey compliment the shape of the bookcase. The coffee table in the center of the living room and the cream colored couch across from the penguin donkey helped to balance and complete the room.

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