Monday, October 13, 2008

Murphy's bed in space

Murphy's bed came about in a time of expansion. There were more people than ever before and finding a place for all of these people was becoming a challenge. Murphy's bed allows the same room to be used for multiple purposes. In the past the bed could be found in lower economic households in the urban area. It was a practical solution for lack of space.
Murphy's bed can realte to the space in two different ways. During the day it functions as a cabinet against the wall. It doesn't take up much space and stays out of the way. This allows you to transform the room into a sitting area during the day. When the bed is folded up into the cabinet it feflects the murphy's bed practical and functional side. Once you unfold it the bed is more about luxury. When you wish to sleep you simply open the cabinet doors and pull the bed down. Most modern day Murphy beds come with lights and paintings built into the cabinet frame. As you unfold the bed it starts to transform the room into a more comfortable place. The soft lighting, paintings, and comfortable bed make the room feel more like a place to rest than a place of activity. It also effects the size of the room. When folded up the room would feel more open. When the bed is out it breaks up the space and the room becomes smaller and more centered. The Murphy bed also helps us relate the past o the present through it use of using the same space for two different purposes. In the past this was a necessity because of expansion. Today we find outselves wanting to be more sustainable and use less materials. Muphy's bed is perfect because it allows us to build less rooms. It also helps look to the future and gives us a sense that design should be stylish yet multi-functional.

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