Sunday, October 12, 2008

Luxurious Parlors

The sofa by John Betlter, was designed during the Rococo Revival style. It was made for the luxury style market. This type of furniture would have been set in a parlor of a house usually owned by a doctor or wealthy businessman. This room would have been used for formal entertainment. The sofa would be accompanied by a set of chairs and a table. There would also usually be a fireplace; however there would rarely ever be a fire in the fireplace. The height from floor to ceiling is taller than most homes today, along with the windows. The fabric you see is made of well crafted silk layered to create the floral print on the sofa. The Curtains would have normally been made from heavy fabric. The accessories in the room would have consisted of lamps and family pieces including family portraits. There are many things that tell an observer the family that owns this home is wealthy. Not only the fabric but especially the wood work in the furniture. During the mid 1850’s most furniture was being machine made, to provide for inexpensive furniture. A machine that allowed him to carve the wood in such a way created John Belter’s sofa. Most of the wood in this room would probably have been created by a machine but only to an extent. These types of carvings show the financial status of the family. Although this room was designed by myself any room styled during the Rococo Revival style will have high style furniture and architecture.
Christyn Dunning

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