Monday, October 13, 2008

Space with Lava Lamp

The space that I put my artifact in was a 1970s room which is more free and colorful. My artifact that fits perfectly in the room sits on the table, lighting up the middle of the room and gives you a colorful glow all around the room. I placed the lamp on a glass table and surrounded it with the egg chair. This will gives it a more com and colorful atmosphere. There is a colorful rouge that is placed in the middle of the room that will give it a more comfortable feeling. As dose the lave lamp to the room with the light all around the room. It will give the room a more dim atmosphere and make it a com mood. In the back ground there is a multi-colored wall that is octagon shapes. The room it out of our world today and most would never have in their homes today. The room gives you a look back in to the future and makes you feel good.

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