Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Modern Smoking Lounge for Ray Hollis Ashtray

Perspective [above] Detail [below]
The Ray Hollis ashtray would be placed in a modern style smoking room, or sometimes called smoking lounge. One of the reasons I chose to situate the ashtray in a smoking lounge is because people who smoke will need a space that is designated for smoking only as well as people need somewhere to dispose their ashes and their cigarette. Smoking rooms are specifically used to smoke in and can be found in airports and many office buildings. Many years ago, people would have smoking rooms in their own house—like the Biltmore. These rooms are usually equipped with chairs and tables for people who smoke to sit and relax. A modern smoking lounge would house the Ray Hollis ashtray due to the use of straight edges and the use of materials. The modern smoking room would include pieces that help compliment the ashtrays. With this in mind, the smoking room would consist of straight, plain furniture. The shapes used in the room are simple, which will help make the ashtray look like it belongs there. To contrast the space and the artifact, furniture would be in dark tones. Since the material of the ashtray is aluminum, the dark toned furniture will help make the ashtray stand out. Lighting over the tables will make the ashtray shine—helping it grab attention from people who are using the room. The placement of the ashtray would be on each table by each seat, so that everyone will have a place to dispose their ashes.

A space that I noticed that both compliments and contrasts where my artifact is located is the Tete a Tete space. Both spaces is a place where people can sit and relax. They each have many seating areas as well as tables. Although these two spaces share something in common, they also are very different. The styles of the rooms are completely different. The Tete a Tete room is very rich and luxurious looking, unlike the Ray Hollis ashtray smoking room. The edges used in the Tete a Tete room are very curvy. The use of decoration is also used throughout the space contrasting the smoking room.

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