Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barcalounger Within a Space

A family wakes up one day and the children are off to school and the husband off to work for a nine to five day. As he arrives back home he loosens his tie and approaches the reclining Barcalounger that he practically claims as his own. As he patiently waits for dinner he reclines slightly to a proper reading position where he proceeds to read the daily newspaper. Returning o the chair after dinner he reclines even more than before and this time will watch the evening news until time for retire to bed. Other objects surrounding this chair in the living room include a bulky, padded sofa, a side table, and a television.

The design of the chair was approached by looking forward to something new. Chairs before never had the option of motion, the option to change positions. The past styles did not provide inspiration for this design. The Barcalounger within the room itself was creating something new. This living room style, which was becoming typical of the normal American, was a style that we as Americans were creating ourselves. Inspiration from other previous styles did come in account but each time something new is being designed a little more of the present style is being incorporated also. The couch is a similar style, something that would not have been found in a formal setting. Other furniture pieces within the room have similar qualities to previous furniture styles that were existent when the colonies were first filling their homes with furniture. In conclusion, the Barcalounger chair was and is a part of a typical middle-class home and has become a symbol of the American culture.

The RCA 730TV1 Televion-Radio is similar to the Barcalounger chair because they are both treasures of America but in terms of their space they both are centered around the middle class meaning most would be found in suburban homes.

The Tete a Tete chair within in the space setting is different from the space of the Barcalounger. The Tete a Tete room is more ornamented and decorative almost appearing to be for the higher class while the Barcalounger room is average of most people, or a normal more simple room setting.

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