Sunday, November 2, 2008

Syrian Biscuit Tin in Huntley & Palmer Bakery

Growing up and going to town was always a favorite thing to do. It was even more special in the town of Reading. What made Reading even more special is the fact that it is known as the biscuit town. This is all due to the famous Huntley & Palmers bakery. They are known all over the world, and their bakery is located right here, in my town! Every week, I would go into town with my mom to get all the cooking supplies that we would need to cook dinner for the family. My favorite store to go into was Huntley & Palmers bakery. It was located on London Street in a row of other shops and buildings, all of which are connected together. The bakery itself was two stories. The bottom story of the building was where all the biscuit were sold. In the front of the store are huge windows where all the biscuit tins could be seen, waiting to be sold. There would be all different sizes and shapes of tins, but one of my favorites and most intricate tin, was the Syrian Biscuit Tin. Looking in the store, you could see several of these stacked up together. Going into the bakery was like walking into a candy or toy store. Tins would be everywhere, and you could even see them making the biscuits. You could really tell that the business was growing and that soon Huntley & Palmer were going to need a new factory. Things did seem a little cramped in there, but overall the shop was quaint and fit well with its surroundings.

The Huntley & Palmer Factory could be compared to that of the Nichols house in similarity because both of them are connected to the buildings beside them. On the other hand, there are differences with the Nichols House because the two serve completely different functions.

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