Sunday, November 30, 2008

Place for Macintosh 512K

The Macintosh 512K is one of the older computers invented by Apple. Because of these old discoveries and inventions, we have such remarkable technology today, by making immense improvements from the past. Valuable history such as the evolution of computers should be kept so that people can see and appreciate the progression we’ve come along.
Currently, the Macintosh 512K is placed at the Computer History Museum, located in Mountain View, California. The mission of this museum is to “preserve and present for posterity the artifacts and stories of the information age.” They also mention that the museum “plays a unique role in the history of the computing revolution and its worldwide impact on the human experience.” The reason this place serves its purpose is so individuals can understand how the technology has come about today. The Computer History Museum is one of the largest museums in the world preserving computing artifacts.

Similar place: The University of Virginia’s Computer Museum serves the same purpose as the Computer History Museum in California. Although the Museum at UVA is much smaller compared to the Computer History Museum, it allows viewers to see computer-related artifacts that are both historical and modern.

Contrasting place: Placing it in a residential home during the 1980’s would serve its purpose of a computer. However, having the Macintosh 512K in a home does not serve the same purpose as having it in a museum where it gives out valuable information to viewers, teaching them about our history and advancements.
Computer History Museum (Mountain View, California)

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