Monday, November 3, 2008

The bed with in a buidling

The artifact that is located in the first bed room to the left is the wooden bed that appears to be unfinished. The room where this bed is located it plain just like the bed. That bedroom could be used to a set of siblings around the same age because the bed is a bunk bed which holds two people. This house could be occupied by a family of that just got married and is starting a family. The house consists of two bed rooms and one full bath room, and a garage along with a dining room. The bunk bed could be used for the children; it helps keep the room more organized and clean. This house could possibly contrast the bunk beds because the beds have more of a simple look and touch to them, and if the owner adds decorations to the bed rooms the bed would not be as simple. The order furniture in the room would also not correspond to the design of the bed because the furniture would be more modern and have more decorations to it.

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