Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Golden Bed in a Community

Notting Hill Townshouses

Victorian Styled shopping centers in Kensington

The Golden Bed is located in Kensington, London. Kensington is a district of West London. In particular, the Tower House, in which the Golden Bed is situated, is located in Melbury Road, known as West Kensington. West Kensington's residential area primarily consists of Victorian styled terraces. Most of the residences include large bay windows as well as thin, and tall windows. This reflects the design of the exterior of the Tower House, while the interior is of a new kind of medieval style. Kensington is a busy commercial center with many shops, declaring it Londons second best shotting street.
It would be nice for this piece of furniture to stay within the city of London, but move to a separate district. One that is completely different is Notting Hill. Notting Hill Borders North Kensington and has a entirely separate style than other districts. It is located at the North- western corner of Hyde Park. It is a cosmopolitan district known for its fashion. This area is a more up-to-date version of West Kensington, the residences are terraces of large Victorian townhouses. While the main street is compiled of high-class shopping and restaurants. In the 19th century, the district set out to become a fashionable suburb of the capital. In the urban design of this upcoming district, houses were positioned adjacent to parks, making is so that the residences had access to a communal park, and the street could no longer see the park. This location is a great place for the Golden Bed to call its new home because it keeps to the original Victorian style house, but also develops on the idea that William Burges had for his bed; and that is taking an old style such as medieval or Victorian and developing it in a way so that it becomes your own style.

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