Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gatewood and the Table Saw

The table saw which has been established as being in a wood shop, such as the one within our own Gatewood Studio Arts building. The Gatewood Studio Arts named after Maud Gatewood, an artist and alumna of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Openned for students to use in 2006 the building houses the art department and Interior Architecture department complete with art gallery, administrative offices, and workspaces. Down in the depths of the building is the wood shop. In the basement due to what it produces prototypes and near final product items. Objects made in the wood shop tend to not be very light and therefore a ground level entry way is much appreciated by the backs of students. It also places it into the background. The idea of a wood shop is a supporter for the design and building process and therefore doesn't command the building in the same way that the studio space does. Within the wood shop the table saw is one of the most commonly used tools within the space. Hence why it has been placed centrally within the wood shop. While space is limited in the building in general and especially so, the wood shop maintains the hierarchy of tools established by other wood shops. But within the The table saw once again takes center stage surrounded by its supporting members. The wood shop is used constantly and the table saw doubly so, as wood must be cut down into smaller pieces before it can be fed into some of the other devices. The sounds of saw blade spinning echoes through the concrete corridors of the Gatewood building, signifying the advancing prototype of a student’s project, or perhaps an entire studios class work culminating into a grand spectacle to shape the ages.


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